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Source: BuddhaSasana: Concise Pali-English Dictionary

āharati : (ā + har + a) brings; fetches; produces.

Source: Sutta: The Pali Text Society's Pali-English Dictionary

Āharati, (ā + hṛ) — 1. to take, take up, take hold of, take out, take away M.I, 429 (sallaṃ); S I 121; III, 123; J.I, 40 (ger. āharitvā “with”), 293 (te hattaṃ); Nd2 540c (puttamaṃsaṃ, read āhāreyya?); Pv.II, 310; DA.I, 186, 188 ‹-› 2. to bring, bring down, fetch D.II, 245; J IV 159 (nāvaṃ; v. l. āhāhitvā); V, 466; VvA.63 (bhattaṃ); PvA.75. ‹-› 3. to get, acquire, bring upon oneself J.V, 433 (padosaṃ); DhA.II, 89. — 4. to bring on to, put into (w. Loc.); fig. & intrs. to hold on to, put oneself to, touch, resort to M.I, 395 (kaṭhalaṃ mukhe ā.; also inf. āhattuṃ); Th.1, 1156 (pāpacitte ā.; Mrs. Rh. D. Brethren ver. 1156, not as “accost” p. 419, n.). — 5. to assault, strike, offend (for pāhari?) Th.1, 1173. — 6. (fig.) to take up, fall or go back on (w. Acc.), recite, quote, repeat (usually with desanaṃ & dasseti of an instructive story or sermon or homily) J.III, 383 (desanaṃ), 401; V, 462 (vatthuṃ āharitvā dassesi told a story for example); SnA 376; PvA.38, 39 (atītaṃ), 42, 66, 99 (dhamma-desanaṃ). See also payirudāharati. ‹-› pp. āhaṭa (q. v.). — Caus. II. āhārapeti to cause to be brought or fetched; to wish to take, to call or ask for J.III, 88, 342; V, 466; PvA.215. (Page 116)

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