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Adrasteia (or Adrasta, Adrastia).—The word adrastea occurs in Greek literature so far back as the 8th century B.C.; and it is customary to derive it from didrasko and take it as signifying “that which is not inclined to run away”. May we venture to make a sugestion that the word Adrastea seems very much to be the Greek counterpart of the Sanskrit “adṛṣṭa” which also signifies necessity? One does no know how, but it seems probable that, the idea of adṛṣṭa was conveyed to the Greek people at a time when the Greek and the Indian Aryas lived together.

Chronos and Adrastea produced a gigantic egg which dividedin the midst, and with its upper half formed the sky, and with the lower the earth, and how out of the egg came Phanes, the shining God, containing within himself the germs of all the other gods. It is interesting to note that behind Chronos and Adrastea, as we have them in this myth, are ideas of time and necessity respectively.

(Source): A constructive survey of Upanishadic Philosophy: The development of Upanishadic Cosmogony

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