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Adhivāsanā, aka: Adhivāsana, Adhivasana; 3 Definition(s)

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Adhivāsana (अधिवासन).—(also adhivāsa) [See pratimā]—preliminary purification in connection with founding a new temple.*

  • * Matsya-purāṇa 265. 49 & 52; 266. 1; 274. 57; 275. 3; 289. 11.
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Adhivāsana, (nṭ.) (fr. adhi + vas) 1 assent A.III, 31; DhA.I, 33. — 2. forbearance, endurance M.I, 10; J.II, 237; III, 263; IV, 307; V, 174. (Page 30)

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adhivāsanā : (f.) endurance; forbearance.

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Adhivāsanatā, (f.) (abstr. fr. adhivāsana) patience, endurance, Dhs.1342; Vbh.360 (an°). (Page...

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