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Alternative spellings of this word include Adhichhhatra.

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Adhichhatrā (अधिछ्हत्रा) is another name for Ahicchatrā, referred to in the Mahābhārata, Ādiparva, sect. clxviii, as Chhatravatī, and is the ’O-hi-chi-ta-lo of Hiuen Tsiang (a.d. 629). [Ahicchatrā] has been identified by Cunningham (Ancient Geography of India, vol. i, p. 359 et seq.) with Rāmnagar, twenty miles west of Bareli, in Rohilkhand.

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Ahicchatra (अहिच्छत्र) or Chatravatī (modern Ramnagar) is one of the alleged ancient capitals o...
Adhichatra or Adhichhatra.—Same as Ahicchatra (Epigraphia Indica, II, p, 243 note).

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