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Alternative spellings of this word include Abhinavachandrarghavidhi.

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Source: DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary

Abhinavacandrārghavidhi (अभिनवचन्द्रार्घविधि).—

1) a ceremony performed at the time of the new moon.

2) Name of the 114th chapter in the Bhaviṣya Purāṇa.

Derivable forms: abhinavacandrārghavidhiḥ (अभिनवचन्द्रार्घविधिः).

Abhinavacandrārghavidhi is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms abhinava and candrārghavidhi (चन्द्रार्घविधि).

Source: Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries: Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary

Abhinavacandrārghavidhi (अभिनवचन्द्रार्घविधि):—[=abhi-nava-candrārgha-vidhi] [from abhi-nava] m. ‘a ceremony performed at the time of the new moon’, Name of the 114th chapter in the [Bhaviṣya-purāṇa, khaṇḍa 1 & 2: bhaviṣya-purāṇa & bhaviṣyottara-purāṇa ii.]

Source: Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries: Goldstücker Sanskrit-English Dictionary

Abhinavacandrārghavidhi (अभिनवचन्द्रार्घविधि):—[tatpurusha compound] m.

(-dhiḥ) The ceremony of presenting the idols of the new moon and of his wife Rohiṇī, placed on the ground in a circle of cowdung, with flowers, sandal, perfumes, a lamp, fried grain, water, young Dūrvā grass ornamented with jewels, curdled milk and white cloth, while reciting the prayer: ‘thou art ever new at the end of the month, born again and again; increase for my benefit; hail! hail to thee, Lord of the Soma!’; the time of the ceremony is the evening twilight of the second day of the light half of every month (i. e. of the second day of the fifteen days of the moon’s increase), when the sun stands in the west with twelve degrees of its circumference. The rite is performed by a Kshatriya with his house chaplain, and great boons are promised to him in this and the future world for the regular fulfillment of this act of piety; (according to the Bhavishyottara-Purāṇa, where the principal passage runs thus: raverdvādaśabhirbhāgairvāruṇyāṃ dṛśyate yadi . pradoṣasamaye pārtha (Kṛṣṇa speaks to Arjuna) arghaṃ dadyāttadā vibho .. dvitīyāyāṃ site pakṣe saṃdhyākāle hyupasthite . saṃsthāpyābhinavaṃ candraṃ bhūmyāṃ gomayamaṇḍale .. rohiṇyā sahitaṃ devaṃ candanena suśobhanam . puṣpacandanadhūpaiśca dīpākṣatajalaiḥ śubhaiḥ .. dūrvāṅkurai ratnadharairdadhnā (v. l. ratnaghanairdadhnā) vastraiśca pāṇḍuraiḥ (v. l. pāṇḍavaiḥ) . mantreṇānena rājendraḥ kṣatriyaḥ sapurohitaḥ (Mss. ºtam) .. navo navo’si māsānte jāyamānaḥ punaḥ punaḥ . āpyāyasva ca mepyevaṃ somarāja namo namaḥ .. anena vidhinā cārghaṃ sarvakāmapradaṃ śubham . yaḥ prayacchati kaunteya māsi māsi samāhitaḥ .. sa kīrtyā yaśasā yuktaḥ kāntyā ca bhuvi mānavaḥ . putrapautraparivṛto godhānyadhanasaṃkulaḥ .. sthitvā varṣaśataṃ martye tataḥ somapuraṃ vrajet &c.). E. abhinava-candra-argha and vidhi.

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