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Ambiguity: Although Aag has separate glossary definitions below, it also represents an alternative spelling of the word Aga.

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Source: DDSA: A practical Hindi-English dictionary

Aag in Hindi refers in English to:—(nf) fire;—[ka parakala,—ka putala] a fire-eater, fire brand, an extremely hot-tempered/hot-headed man;—[khana amgara hagana] to eat fire, to emit fumes;—[dena] to perform funeral rites; -[para pani dalana] to pacify/calm down (all infuriated persons);—[para lotana] to be uneasy or restless, to be consumed with jealousy, envy etc.; —[pani/phusa ka baira] innate mutual hostility;—[phamkana] to boast enormously, to lie grossly; ~[babula hona] to be inflamed, to fly in to a rage; —[barasana] lit. shedding of fire, meaning to have scorching heat (also see—[barasana]); (for something) to be scarce and expensive; —[barasana] to bombaid, to cannonate (also see—[barasana]);—[bhada vana] to stir or blow the fire (of), to fah the flame (of), to pour oil on fire;—[mem kudana] to jump into fire, to create troubles for oneself;—[mem ghi dalana] to fan the flame, to pour oil on fire; to add fuel to the fire;—[mem jhomkana] to thrust into the fire, to put in trouble;—[mem pani dalana] to extinguish the fire, to cause a quarrel to end;—[lagakara tamasha dekhana] to excite a quarrel and then to enjoy it;—[lagakara pani ko daudana]lit. 'to run for water after setting fire to' —meaning, to make show of curing an evil caused by oneself; —[lage para kuam khodana] to shut the stable door after the horse is stolen; —[se khelana] to play with fire;—[se khelana khatare se khali nahim] it is dangerous to play with edged tools; —[hona] to be furious, to be in a rage, to have one’s blood up..—aag (आग) is alternatively transliterated as Āga.

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