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A-kiñcit-pratikara.—(EI 23), ‘[land] free from any yield of revenue’; cf. utpratikara. But pratikara also means ‘compensation’. Note: a-kiñcit-pratikara is defined in the “Indian epigraphical glossary” as it can be found on ancient inscriptions commonly written in Sanskrit, Prakrit or Dravidian languages.

Source: Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries: Indian Epigraphical Glossary
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Pratikara (प्रतिकर).—m. (-raḥ) Requital, compensation. E. pra + kṛ-ap .--- OR --- Pratikāra (प्...
Kiñcit (किञ्चित्).—ind. 1. Something somewhat. 2. A part, a little. n. kiṃ what, cit to think, ...
Akiñcit-kara.—(HRS), same as akiñcit-grāhya, ‘free from tax’. Note: akiñcit-kara is defined in ...
Bhayapratīkāra (भयप्रतीकार).—m. (-raḥ) Removal of fear. E. bhaya and pratīkāra counteraction.
Śakyapratīkāra (शक्यप्रतीकार).—m. (-raḥ) A possible remedy or counteragent.
A-kiñcit-pragrāhya.—(EI 29), refers to the freedom of the gift land from the payment of taxes a...
A-kiñcit-kara-grāhya.—(EI 27), same as a-kiñcit-kara, etc. Note: a-kiñcit-kara-grāhya is define...
Anyat Kincit
anyat kiñcit (अन्यत् किंचित्).—n (kiñcit A little, anya Another birth.) A remnant of pāpa or pu...
Pratikāravidhāna (प्रतिकारविधान) or Pratīkāravidhāna (प्रतीकारविधान).—application of a remedy, ...
Utpātapratīkāra (उत्पातप्रतीकार).—provision made to counteract the evil portents; Kau. A.2.7.De...
Praṇipātapratīkāra (प्रणिपातप्रतीकार).—a. averted or counteracted by prostration; R.4.64. Praṇi...
Mūlapratīkāra (मूलप्रतीकार).—protection of wives and wealth (dhanadārarakṣā); कृत्वा मूल- प्रती...
Praṇipatanapratīkāra (प्रणिपतनप्रतीकार).—a. averted or counteracted by prostration; R.4.64. Pra...
Vairapratīkāra (वैरप्रतीकार).—f., Derivable forms: vairapratīkāraḥ (वैरप्रतीकारः).Vairapratīkār...
Pratikārakarman (प्रतिकारकर्मन्) or Pratīkārakarman (प्रतीकारकर्मन्).—n. making reparation or a...

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