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Aṅgavidyā, aka: Anga-vidya; 1 Definition(s)


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In Hinduism

General definition (in Hinduism)

Aṅgavidyā (अङ्गविद्या).—The several subsidiary vidyās of Śrīvidyā are arranged into six amnayās. Amnayā means Veda/Agama, and in Śaiva there are five amnayās. They are represented by the five faces of Śiva facing Purva (eastwards), Dakṣiṇa (southwards), Pascima (westwards), Uttara (northwards) and Urdhva (upwards). In Śrī-vidyā there is a sixth amnaya called Anuttara. Each amnaya is associated with a guru-mandala and several Vidyās, astra-kamya and parā.

Besides, all the Vidyās are grouped at different levels.

  • Purvamnaya,
  • Dakṣiṇamnaya,
  • Pascimamnaya,
  • Uttaramnaya,
  • Urdhvamnaya,
  • Anuttaramnaya,
  • Nityadevatā.
Source: Hindupedia: The Hindu Encyclopedia

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