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Chapter 8

The Meaning of Purity

57. The purity of the form is known by the purity of its fruit. From the purity of form and its fruit comes the purity of all-knowledge. All-knowledge, fruit, and form: as with the sameness of space, they are not broken or set apart from one another.

58. Having transcended this triple-world, the bodhisattva’s fetters are removed; yet they still experience rebirth; although they have been freed from decay, illness and death, they still experience it. This is part of the perfection of wisdom in which the wise have made their path.

59. This world is attached to this mud, that we call name and form. The wheel of birth and death revolves, blown like a windmill. Having recognized this revolving world as a snare for the wild beasts walking the earth, the wise roam about like the birds of the air.

60. They, who make their course the perfectly pure, does not course in form, nor in consciousness, perception, feeling or will; this course shuns all attachments, and freed from all attachments travels in the wisdom of the Buddhas.

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