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Chapter 6

The Range of Jubilation

47. If we take hundreds of thousands of enlightened beings, who have passed on through the ages of time, those who have recently passed, and those who are still among us; if we consider the merit of all of those beginning from the first thought ever of enlightenment, until the time of the extension of all dharmas that awaits us in the future; and also the merit of all offspring of the Buddhas, and of all disciples, be they still in training or far along in their training – having gathered it all up together, the bodhisattva rejoices at it, and turns it all over to the world for the sake of its own enlightenment.

True and False Turning Over

48. If, when turning this over, there precedes even the slightest perception of a thought, or if the turning over of the perception of enlightenment involves the perception of a being to turn it over to; established in perception, false views, and thought, it is now tied down by the triple attachment. It does not become turned over to those, not even those who apprehend it.

49. But when one thus thinks: These dharmas are extinguished and stopped, and to those which it is being turned over to, are also extinguished; then it does become turned over in one who, has in this way, considered wisely.

50. When one sees a sign or a vision, this is not turning over into enlightenment, but if one turns to the signless, becomes turned over into enlightenment. Mistaking sign or vision as enlightenment is like mistaking food mixed with poison as still good to eat.

51. It is your merit that turns over into enlightenment; one who instructs you so, does not upset the teachings of the Buddha. As many as there are in the world of bodhisattvas, none are greater than the one who has turned over in this way.

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