A Blessed Pilgrimage

by Dr. Yutang Lin | 1990 | 18,562 words

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Part 2 - Motive

After 15 years of studying and practicing Buddhism, I deeply realized the oneness of the Dharmadhatu, without the barrier of time and space. However, before a practitioner has achieved this realization, he needs to purify his mind by engaging in Buddhist practices. These practices and my personal experiences allowed the concept of impermanence to be deeply rooted in my mind, as a constant awareness. Hence, going on this pilgrimage meant renouncing everything in order to obtain progress on the Buddhist path.

One of Buddhas final teachings was that his followers should go on a pilgrimage to the sites where his birth, enlightenment, first preaching and Nirvana took place. I had hoped that, enduring the hardships of traveling, this pilgrimage would crystallize my sincerity, and that the Dharma activities I would engage in during the trip (such as making offerings, doing prostrations, reciting prayers and hymns, and meditative practices), would inspire Buddhas blessings in me so that I might successfully propagate the Dharma to the world.

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