Gemstones of the Good Dhamma


by Ven. S. Dhammika | 1995–2010 | 8,721 words

This Compilation extracts some of the more popular verses of the Dhammapada, which is (by far) the most popular book of the Sutta Pitaka (second part of the pali-canon). Other interesting verses (addressing Buddha and his enlightened disciples), found across the Sutta Pitaka are also included....

Part 14 - Sativagga - Mindfulness

126. Sambadhe vapi vindanti
dhammam nibbanapattiya
ye satim saccalatthamsu
samma te susamahita.

Even when obstacles crowd in,
the path to Nibbana can be won
by those who establish mindfulness
and bring to perfection equipoise.

127. Sace dhavati te cittam
kamesu ca bhavesu ca
khippam nigganha satiya
kitthadam viya duppasum.

If your mind runs wild among
sensual pleasures and things that arise,
quickly restrain it with mindfulness
as one pulls the cow from the corn.

128. Ubhinnam attham carati
attano ca parassa ca
param sankupitam natva
yo sato upasammati.

Knowing that the other person is angry,
one who remains mindful and calm
acts for his own best interest
and for the other's interest, too.

129. Ubhinnam tikicchantanam
attano ca parassa ca
jana maññanti balo'ti
ye dhammassa akovida.

He is a healer of both
himself and the other person;
only those think him a fool
who do not understand the Dhamma.

130. Yatam care yatam titthe
yatam acche yatam saye
yatam samminjaye bhikkhu
yathamenam pasaraye.

Whether he walks, stands, sits
or lies, stretches out his limbs
or draws them in again, let a
monk do so with composure.

131. Uddham tiriyam apacinam
yavata jagato gati
samavekkhita va dhammanam
khandhanam udayabbayam.

Above, across or back again,
wherever he goes in the world
let him carefully scrutinise
the rise and fall of compounded things.

132. Evam viharim atapim
santavuttim anuddhatam
sikkhamanam sada satam
satatam pahitatto'ti
ahu bhikkhum tathavidham.

Living thus ardently,
at peace within, not restless
or mentally agitated,
training himself, always mindful:
people call such a monk
"one constantly resolute."

133. Na so rajjati dhammesu
dhammam natva patissato
virattacitto vedeti tan
ca n'ajjhosaya titthati.

Not excited by mental phenomena,
one knows them through mindfulness;
thus with a mind well detached
one understands and does not cling.

134. Satipatthanakusala
vipassaka dhammadhara
dhammanagare vasantite.

Those skilled in the foundations of mindfulness,
delighting in the enlightenment factors,
with knowledge of Dhamma and keen insight,
live in the city of Dhamma.

135. Sammappadhanasampanno
parinibbaty anasavo.

Possessed of persevering energy,
practicing the foundations of mindfulness,
bedecked with the blossoms of freedom,
you will be cooled and undefiled.
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