Gemstones of the Good Dhamma


by Ven. S. Dhammika | 1995–2010 | 8,721 words

This Compilation extracts some of the more popular verses of the Dhammapada, which is (by far) the most popular book of the Sutta Pitaka (second part of the pali-canon). Other interesting verses (addressing Buddha and his enlightened disciples), found across the Sutta Pitaka are also included....

Part 12 - Sikkhavagga - The Training

106. Atisitam atiunham
atisayam idam ahu
iti vissatthakammante
attha accenti manave.

"It's too cold, it's too hot,
it's too late," with such excuses
one who gives up the practice
lets his opportunities slip.

107. Yo ca sitañ ca unhañ ca
tina bhiyyo na maññati
karam purisakiccani
so sukha na vihayati.

But one who looks on cold and heat
as no more obstructive than straw
and continues with the practice
does not fall short of happiness.

108. Alinacitto ca siya
na capi bahu cintaye
niramagandho asito

So rid the mind of sloth and dullness,
give up thinking of many things.
Be healthy and unattached to pleasure,
be devoted to the holy life.

109. Unudaro mitaharo
appich'assa alolupo
sa ve icchaya nicchato
aniccho hoti nibbuto.

Lean in body, frugal in food,
content with little and undisturbed,
vain wishes gone and craving stilled,
thus the wantless attain Nibbana.

110. Sa jhanapasuto dhiro
vanante ramito siya
jhayetha rukkhamulasmim
attanam abhitosayam.

One who is stable in meditation
will delight at the woodland's edge,
meditating at the foot of a tree
until joy and contentment are won.

111. Kamacchando ca vyapado
thinamiddhañ ca bhikkhuno
uddhaccam vicikiccha ca
sabbaso va na vijjati.

Sense desire, ill will,
sloth, laziness, agitation,
and doubt are not found
in a true and worthy monk.

112. Na sabbato mano nivaraye
na mano sayatattam agatam
yato yato ca papakam
tato tato mano nivaraye.

Do not hold back the mind from all,
for it is not yet put to sleep.
But whenever evil things arise,
then should the mind be held in check.

113. Viriyasataccasampanno
yuttayogo sada siya
na ca appatva dukkhantam
vissasam eyya pandito.

Possessed of energy and perserverance,
be always earnest in applying yourself.
The wise one should not be confident
until the end of suffering is reached.

114. Samadhiratanamalassa
kuvitakka na jayare
na ca vikkipate cittam
etam tumhe pilandhatha.

With the jewelled necklace of concentration,
wrong thoughts cannot arise
nor can the mind be distracted.
So let this be your adornment.

115. Anapanasati yassa
paripunna subhavita
anupubbam paricita
yatha buddhena desita
so'mam lokam pabhaseti
abbha muto va candima.

One who has gradually practiced,
developed and brought to perfection
mindfulness of the in-and-out breath
as taught by the Enlightened One,
illuminates the entire world
like the moon when freed from clouds.
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