Gemstones of the Good Dhamma


by Ven. S. Dhammika | 1995–2010 | 8,721 words

This Compilation extracts some of the more popular verses of the Dhammapada, which is (by far) the most popular book of the Sutta Pitaka (second part of the pali-canon). Other interesting verses (addressing Buddha and his enlightened disciples), found across the Sutta Pitaka are also included....

Part 10 - Savakavagga - The Disciple

86. Matari pitari capi
yo samma patipajjati
tatagate va sambuddhe
athava tassa savake
bahun ca so pasavati
puññam etadiso naro.

If one behaves rightly
toward his mother and his father,
towards the Buddha well-attained,
and the disciples of the Buddha,
such a person generates
an abundant store of good.

87. Bhikkhu ca silasampanno
bhikkuni ca bahussuta
upasako ca yo saddho
ya ca saddha upasika
ete kho sangham sobhenti
ete hi sanghasobhana.

The monk well-possessed of virtue,
the nun who is widely learned,
male and female lay disciples
who are fully endowed with faith —
it is they who illuminate the Sangha,
"lights of the Sangha" they are called.

88. Yassa sabrahmacarisu
garavo n'upalabbhati
araka hoti saddhamma
nabham puthaviya yatha.

One who has no respect for those
who live the holy life with him,
is as far from this good Dhamma
as the sky is from the earth.

89. Yassa sabrahmacarisu
garavo upalabbhati
so viruhati saddhamme
khette bijam'va bhaddakam.

One who has respect for those
who live the holy life with him,
comes to growth in this good Dhamma
like a healthy seed in the field.

90. Itthibhavo kim kayira
cittamhi susamahite
nanamhi vattamanamhi
sammadhammam vipassato.

A woman's nature is unimportant
when the mind is still and firm,
when knowledge grows day by day,
and she has insight into Dhamma.

91. Yassa nuna siya evam
itthaham puriso'ti va
kiñci va pana asmiti
tam maro vattum arahati.

One who thinks such thoughts
as "I am a woman" or "I am a man"
or any other thought "I am — "
Mara is able to address that one.

92. Dummedhehi pasamsa ca
viññuhi garaha ca ya
garaha'va seyyo viññuhi
yan ce balappasamsana.

The fools offer praise and the wise
offer blame. Truly the blame
of the wise is much better
than the praise of the fool.

93. Sagara anagara ca
ubho aññoññanissita
aradhayanti saddhammam
yogakkhemam anuttaram.

Home dwellers and the homeless both,
by depending upon each other
come to realize the good Dhamma,
the utter freedom from bondage.

94. Anubandho pi ce assa
mahiccho va vighatava
ejanugo anejassa
nibbutassa anibbuto
giddho so vitagedhassa
passa yavañca araka.

Though physically close behind,
if one is acquisitive and restless,
how far is that turbulent one
from one freed from turbulence,
that burning one from one cooled,
that hankering one from the greedless!

95. Sukha sanghassa samaggi
samagganan c'anuggaho
samaggarato dhammattho
yogakkhema na dhamsati.

A happy thing is concord in the Sangha!
One who assists in making harmony,
loving concord and righteousness,
does not fall away from freedom.
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