A Dictionary Of Chinese Buddhist Terms

With Sanskrit And English Equivalents And A Sanskrit-pali Index

by William Edward Soothill | 1937 | 324,264 words

For about a thousand years, Buddhism dominated the thought of China and her thinkers were occupied with Buddhist philosophy. This dictionary serves as a resource to the interpretation of Chinese culture, as well as an important reference for the comparative study of Sanskrit and Pali originals. The author provides a key for the students which to u...

Part 24 - Twenty-four Strokes

To bid, order, tell, enjoin on.

囑累 To entrust to, lay responsibility upon.

To seize, hold in the arms, embrace; monopolize.

The silkworm.

蠶繭 A silkworm's cocoon, simile of the self-binding effects of the passions, etc.

A thoroughfare, a way, cf. 瞿 18.

To prognosticate, prophesy; supplicate, fulfil, a password; translit. kṣa.

讖羅半尼 kṣārapāṇīya, ash-water, also intp. as an ash-coloured garment, v. 差 10.

Spirit, spiritual, energy, effective, clever.

靈供 Offerings to the spirits who are about the dead during the forty-nine days of masses.

靈像 Spirit-image, that of a Buddha or a god.

靈妙 Abstruse, mysterious; clever.

靈山 靈嶽; 靈驚山 The Spirit Vulture Peak, Gṛdhrakūṭa, v. 耆 10 and 驚 23.

靈感 靈應 Spirit-response, efficacious as in response to prayer.

靈瑞華 The udumbara flower, which appears but once in 3,000 years, a symbol of Buddha; v. 優曇 17.

靈界 The realm of departed spirits; the world of spirits.

靈神 The spirit, soul; an efficacious spirit.

靈祠 Spirit-temple, a monastery.

靈芝 The auspicious plant, emblem of good luck, or long life; name of 元照 Yuanzhao, q.v.

靈骨 Spirit-bones, Buddha-relics.

靈魂 A spirit, soul.

靈龕 A coffin.

To contest, fight.

鬭勝 To overcome in a contest of any kind.

鬭諍 Argument, debate, contention.

鬭諍王 The fractious king, Kalirāja, v. 羯 15.

Salt; translit. ya.

鹽天 Yama, v. 焰 12.

鹽牟那 (鹽牟尼那); 搖尤那 The river Yamunā, or Jamna, a tributary of the Ganges.

鹽香 Salt-smell, i.e. non-existent.

A turtle, tortoise.

鼈不愼ロ The tortoise, clinging to a stick with its mouth, being carried in fight, warned not to open its mouth to speak, yet did, fell and perished; moral, guard your lips.

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