Vipassana Meditation

Lectures on Insight Meditation

by Chanmyay Sayadaw | 22,042 words

Vipassana Meditation: English lectures on Insight Meditation By venerable Chanmyay Sayadaw U Janakabhivamsa....

Part 8 - Purification Of Knowledge

And Vision

The seventh visuddhi refers to Sotapatti nana, the first knowledge of the Path - Nanadassana visuddhi. Nana is knowledge, dassana is vision, visuddhi is purification.

When you have attained the seventh visuddhi you have become a Sotapanna Sota means stream; apanna means enterer. Sotapannameans stream enterer. When you have attained Sotapatti nana, you have entered into the current of the Noble Eightfold Path. Only then have you attained Nanadassana visuddhi - purification of knowledge and vision.

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