Vipassana Meditation Course

by Chanmyay Sayadaw | 28,857 words

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Chapter 8 - Daily Activities

Awareness Of Daily Activities

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Today, Ill continue that chapter of clear comprehension and discourse on the Maha Satipatthana Sutra. But I`ll summarise it because there are some aspects of Dhamma which should be dealt with for your progress in your meditation. The Buddha said, When you bend your arms and legs you must be aware of it as it is. When you stretch out the arms and legs you must be aware of it as it is. When you dress you must all be aware of it. When you take off clothes you must be aware of it; when you put on clothes you must be aware of it. Thats what the Buddha instructed us about daily activities. Then, when you hold the plate, you note it. When you hold the cup in the saucer you note it, holding. When you touch it, touching. When you decide to keep inside and so on. Whatever you are doing, in holding, drinking tea or coffee, you note it. The Buddha said when you answer the call of nature these activities you must be aware of as they are. When you go to the toilet you should be aware of all the activities involved. Then, every day, the Buddha said when you eat food then note all the activities in the act of having the food. When you drink water or when you drink anything you must be aware of all the activities involved in these actions. When you chew something you must note chewing. When you lick something you must note the licking. We have a Burmese medicine for clearing of the throat, called yessa. That means a lickable salt. There we have to lick it. We mustnt take it.

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