Vinaya Pitaka (3): Khandhaka

by I. B. Horner | 2014 | 386,194 words | ISBN-13: 9781921842160

The English translation of the Khandhaka: the second book of the Pali Vinaya Pitaka, one of the three major ‘baskets’ of Therevada canonical literature. It is a collection of various narratives. The English translation of the Vinaya-pitaka (third part, khandhaka) contains many Pali original words, but transliterated using a system similar to the I...

Seven on taking

Kd.7.3.1A monk, after kaṭhina-cloth has been made, taking with him[1] a robe that is made up, goes away, thinking, “I will not come back”. That monk’s kaṭhina (privileges) are removed because of his going away …[2]

Told are the seven cases on Taking with him. Vin.1.257

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Vinaya Texts ii.160, n.1 says, “This chapter is word for word identical with Chapter 2: only instead of ‘takes’ (ādāya) read ‘takes with him’ (samādāya). We cannot say what different meanings these two words are intended to convey”.

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