Vinaya (3): The Cullavagga

by T. W. Rhys Davids | 1881 | 137,074 words

The Cullavagga (part of the Vinaya collection) includes accounts of the First and Second Buddhist Councils as well as the establishment of the community of Buddhist nuns. The Cullavagga also elaborates on the etiquette and duties of Bhikkhus....

Cullavagga, Khandaka 1, Chapter 35

'Now thus, O Bhikkhus, should it be carried out,' &c. [Here follows the Kammavācā for the re-vocation of a Kamma precisely as in chapter 8, with the necessary alterations.]

Here ends the seventh (Kamma), the Ukkhepaniya-kamma on not renouncing a sinful doctrine.

Here ends the First Khandhaka, the Khandhaka on the Kammas.

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