Vinaya (2): The Mahavagga

by T. W. Rhys Davids | 1881 | 156,382 words

The Mahavagga (part of the Vinaya collection) includes accounts of Gautama Buddha’s and the ten principal disciples’ awakenings, as well as rules for ordination, rules for reciting the Patimokkha during uposatha days, and various monastic procedures....

Mahavagga, Khandaka 4, Chapter 4

At that time relations of a certain Bhikkhu kept him back on the day of Pavāraṇā, &c.[1]

Footnotes and references:


This is a repetition of II, 24, but instead of 'Uposatha' and 'Pārisuddhi' read 'Pavāraṇā.'

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