The Way of the White Clouds

by Anāgarika Lāma Govinda | 123,888 words

The Way of the White Clouds as an eye-witness account and the description of a pilgrimage in Tibet during the last decenniums of its independence and unbroken cultural tradition, is the attempt to do justice to the above-mentioned task, as far as this is possible within the frame of personal experiences and impressions. This work is licensed under...

Typesetter's Note

Typesetter's note version 1 -- nopic

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This document is based on the text available at the following webpage:

The document can be improved in these possible ways:

• Making the buddhist and tibetan proper nouns consistent according to some standard convention. I have followed IAST (International alphabet for sanskrit transliteration). During conflict, I have followed the convention used overlook press. Although, it seems to me that there is some difference in writing, some pāli proper nouns compared to their corresponding sanskrit nouns.

• Adding illustrations and pictures, while taking care of the copyright issues.

If you plan to create a derivative of this document, please inform me, so that I can link to it from the webpage. I have worked on this document alone and hence, the typesetting has not been verified. Please feel free to report me errors and suggestions, however trivial. I would be happy to hear your feedback as a comment on the webpage (open for anonymous) or via a mail: gmail me at knolopen.

--- talegari

the typesetter

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