The Vipassana Dipani

The Manual of Insight

by Mahathera Ledi Sayadaw | 1915 | 21,831 words

The Vipassana-Dipani The Manual of Insight Or The Exposition Of Insight Honor to the Buddha By Mahathera Ledi Sayadaw, Aggamahapandita, D.Litt. Translated into English by Sayadaw U Nyana, Patamagyaw of Masoeyein Monastery Mandalay. Edited by The English Editorial Board...


Or The Four Sense-fields

Gocara means sense-field or object of the five senses.

  1. The object "visible form", is the quality of color or of shape of various objects.
  2. The object "sound" is the quality of sound itself.
  3. The object "odor" is the quality of scent or smell.
  4. The object "savor" is the quality of savor or taste. Mention is not made here of touch or the tangible, as it consists in the Great Essentials or Elements. It is of three kinds, Viz., Pathavi-potthabba or extension tangible, Tejo-potthabba or temperature tangible.
  5. Vayo- potthabba or movement tangible.

Counting in the tangible also we thus get five sense-fields in all. Of these, visible form is the object of eye; sound, of ear; odor, of nose; savor, of tongue; and the tangible, of body.