The Indian Buddhist Iconography

by Benoytosh Bhattachacharyya | 1958 | ISBN-10: 8173053138 | ISBN-13: 9788173053139

This page contains an iconography image of Vajradhara, Six-armed (Baroda Museum) and represents figure 16 of the book Indian Buddhist Iconography, based on extracts of the Sadhanamala English translation. These plates and illustrations represent either photographs of sculptures or line-drawing reproductions of paintings or other representations of Buddhist artwork.

Figure 16 - Vajradhara, Six-armed (Baroda Museum)

six-armed Vajradhara
Figure 16: Vajradhara, Six-armed

In Vajrayāna, Ādibuddha is regarded as the highest deity of the Buddhist pantheon, the originator even of the five Dhyāni Buddhas. When represented in human form, he begets the name of Vajradhara and is conceived in two forms, single and Yab-yum.

Fig. 16 represents a three-faced and six-armed Vajradhara image without the Śakti in the Baroda Museum.

Credits of figure 16 (six-armed Vajradhara) goes to The Museum and Picture Gallery under the M. S. University, Baroda.