The Great Chronicle of Buddhas

by Ven. Mingun Sayadaw | 1990 | 1,044,401 words

This page describes Conclusion of the Chapters on the Buddha contained within the book called the Great Chronicle of Buddhas (maha-buddha-vamsa), a large compilation of stories revolving around the Buddhas and Buddhist disciples. This page is part of the series known as utterings That Arouse Emotional Religious Awakening. This great chronicle of Buddhas was compiled by Ven. Mingun Sayadaw who had a thorough understanding of the thousands and thousands of Buddhist teachings (suttas).

Part 5 - Conclusion of the Chapters on the Buddha

Dear readers, we have come to the end of the Chapter on the Buddha. You may have noticed, in going through this chapter, the seven (auspicious) days connected with the Buddha, namely: (1) the day of His conception, (2) the day of His birth, (3) the day He renounced the world, (4) the day He attained Perfect Enlightenment, (5) the day He delivered the first sermon, the Dhammacakka-pavattana Sutta, (6) the day He passed away, and (7) the day His body was consumed by the Element of heat.

These seven dates may be noted thus:

(1) The Buddha-to-be was conceived on Thursday, the full-moon of Wazo (Āsāḷhā) in the 67th year of the Great Era.

(2) He was born on 7th Friday, the full-moon of Kason (Vesākha) in the 68th year of the Great Era.

(3) He renounced the world on Monday, on the full-moon of Wazo (Āsāḷhā) in the 97th year of the Great Era.

(4) He attained Perfect Enlightenment on Wednesday, the full-moon of Kason (Vesākha) in the 103rd year of the Great Era.

(5) He delivered his first sermon on Saturday, the full-moon of Wazo (Āsāḷhā) in the 103rd year of the Great Era.

(6) He passed away on Tuesday, the full-moon of Kason (Vesākha) in the 148th year of the Great Era.

(7) His body was consumed by the Element of heat on Sunday, the twelfth waning day of Kason (Vesākha) in the same year.

Ledi Sayadaw’s Stanzas venerating The Seven Memorable Days in The Life of The Buddha

The Late Ledi Sayadaw composed the following rhymes on the above seven days for remembering and honouring the Buddha by the devotees:

1. Being implored in union by the devas and Brahmās
Of the ten thousand universes,
Lord of the three worlds, object of my adoration,
Descended (from Tusitā Deva realm)
Into his royal mother’s womb
On Thursday, the full moon of Āsāḷhā
An occasion promising the peace for devas and humans.

2. Ten months after conception,
On Friday, the full moon of Vesākha,
In the sixty-eight year of the Great Era,
The Lord was born in the cool shade of Lumbinī Park
When the great earth quaked
To honour the ominous event
That laid out the road
To the City of Nibbāna for devas and humans.

3. At the young age of sixteen,
Being provided with three princely palaces (as seasonable/ residences)
He lived in regal splendour for thirteen years.
Then at the youthful age of twenty-nine,
Being overcome by religious emotional awaking
on seeing the four omens conjured up by devas,
He went forth into a homeless life
In the quiet seclusion of the forest.
That was on Monday, the full moon of Āsāḷhā.

4. After six years of seclusion in the forest,
Came the time for Perfect Enlightenment.
On Wednesday, the full moon of Vesākha,
Sitting on the Throne of Victory,
With the Tree of Enlightenment as a majestic canopy.
He vanquished the vexatious hordes (of Māra).
Ten thousand universes cheered
The arising of the Exalted One,
The great event went heralding spiritual security
For denizens of the three worlds.

5. Making his way to Migadāvana Park,
The Buddha expounded the Doctrine,
The Dhammacakka-pavattana Sutta,
To the Group of Five Ascetics
And an assemblage of devas and Brahmās
Coming from ten thousand universes.
That was Saturday, the full moon of Āsāḷhā
When the great drum of the Dhamma was first sounded.

6. Then for forty-five years
The Buddha, by the Dhamma, ferried cross
To the yonder shore of safety
The multitudes of the three worlds
Belonging to ten thousand universes.
And at the ripe age of eighty,
In the year one hundred and forty-eight,
On Tuesday, the full moon of Vesākha,
Under the twin sal trees at Kusināra
In the Province of the Mallas,
The Buddha realized the ultimate Cessation,
That cast gloom on the ten thousand universes.

7. The remains of the Buddha, a wondrous golden corpse,
Burned by itself,
Thanks to the prior resolution of the Bhagavā,
Leaving for posterity eight portions of relics
That was Sunday.
In the waxing moon of Vesākha

8. Reflecting on the seven memorable days
Connected with the Buddha,
The Most Exalted One amongst the exalted,
Lord of the three world,
I pay my deepest devotion by deed, word and thought
To the Great Master.
And for this good deed,
May every blessing come showering on me!

This is the conclusion of chapter on the Jewel of the Buddha.

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