The Great Chronicle of Buddhas

by Ven. Mingun Sayadaw | 1990 | 1,044,401 words

This page describes Brief Account of Prophecy in Verse form contained within the book called the Great Chronicle of Buddhas (maha-buddha-vamsa), a large compilation of stories revolving around the Buddhas and Buddhist disciples. This page is part of the series known as the chronicle of twenty-four Buddhas. This great chronicle of Buddhas was compiled by Ven. Mingun Sayadaw who had a thorough understanding of the thousands and thousands of Buddhist teachings (suttas).

A Brief Account of Prophecy in Verse form

Our Bodhisatta had thus received the prophecy predicting his Buddhahood from the former twenty-four Buddhas, beginning with Dīpaṅkarā and ending with Kassapa, and this has been composed briefly in the Dhammarasi Pyo (vv. 7,8 and 9). (The author then gives pertinent extracts from the pyo which we leave untranslated.)

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