The Great Chronicle of Buddhas

by Ven. Mingun Sayadaw | 1990 | 1,044,401 words

Also known as the Mahabuddhavamsa, this book is a large compilation of stories involving the Buddha, formar Buddhas, Buddhist disciples, and former lives. In Theravada Buddhism, biographies of Buddhist monks and nuns are known as Apadana, while the stories of Buddha’s former lives are known as Jataka. This great chronicle of Buddhas was compiled b...


The idea of a comprehensive book on the Buddha—His Life and His Teaching—was conceived in January 2005 by the Late Sayadawgyi U Silananda during his Buddhist pilgrimage in India with a group of Buddhist Singaporeans. After much discussion, he decided to compile the original ten books of “The Great Chronicle of Buddhas” by the Late Venerable Mingun Sayadaw, Bhante Vicittasārābhivamsa (which was later translated into English Language).

Since then, until his demise on 13 Aug. 2005, Sayadawgyi had given valuable advices and guidelines which make this book possible and is now available in revised edition.

This Singapore Edition of “The Great Chronicle of Buddhas” is dedicated to the Late Sayadawgyi U Silananda. Without his sound advice this book would not be possible.

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