The Great Chariot

by Longchenpa | 268,580 words

A Commentary on Great Perfection: The Nature of Mind, Easer of Weariness In Sanskrit the title is ‘Mahāsandhi-cittā-visranta-vṛtti-mahāratha-nāma’. In Tibetan ‘rDzogs pa chen po sems nyid ngal gso’i shing rta chen po shes bya ba ’...

Now the merit is dedicated for virtuous sentient beings. As explained:

Therefore by the nature of this, the highest peace,
May all beings encounter the luminous space of mind.
Having been exhausted by the defilement
That grasps at the extremes of samsara and nirvana,
May the mind today relieve its weariness.

By the merit of the suchness of the essence, may all beings, grasping the end of samsara and Nirvana, by the immeasurable merit of omniscience, refresh the wearied nature of mind into the level of mastery.

Like the white form of the moon of an autumn night,
Making pure, white kumut lotuses blossom,
The highest virtue clears away tormenting kleshas.
May the anguished minds of beings be pacified.

In the ocean of kleshas, wreathing our heads in pain,
There formerly floated the geese of all our faults,
A thousand lights of[1] merit have dried the ocean.
Now let the Conqueror's wealth be fully seen.

The wind of wisdom has scattered in all directions,
Dark clouds of incidental obscuration.
May their absence be fully stabilized.
May the luminous sun of enlightenment be seen.

Footnotes and references:


. <mental>

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