The Great Chariot

by Longchenpa | 268,580 words

A Commentary on Great Perfection: The Nature of Mind, Easer of Weariness In Sanskrit the title is ‘Mahāsandhi-cittā-visranta-vṛtti-mahāratha-nāma’. In Tibetan ‘rDzogs pa chen po sems nyid ngal gso’i shing rta chen po shes bya ba ’...

Part 2a.4 - Its being established by staying in solitude with few actions


Without the bustle of cities and people who live in them,
In solitary places with little dependence and contact,
They have no connection with various goals and actions.
In such a way, samadhi will quickly be established.

Those who frequent cities, the people who are part of them, crowds, and places where people congregate, 1006.4 rather than resorting to solitary places as renunciates, because of the completely distracting objects and many activities of this life, never establish the samadhi of peace. When we live with few associates, objects and activities, goodness will naturally develop. Samadhi will be established, because there will be many proper attentive apprehensions of the mind. The Jewel Heap Sutra says:

Future monks, easy going, not controlling distraction,
Infatuated with property and reverent service,
Will just get angry with anyone who is disciplined.
Those desiring samadhi should not attend on these.
Rather, staying alone in a place of hermitage
Living like that. they should rejoice in solitude.

With only proper objects of attention, they will produce transcendence. The Friendly Letter says:

Really trying to see the ultimate absolute,
Becoming accustomed to training in proper kinds of attention--
There is no other Dharma of any kind at all
Than that which is the possessor of such virtues as these.

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