The Catusacca Dipani

The Manual of the Four Noble Truths

by Mahathera Ledi Sayadaw | 1903 | 11,997 words

The Catusacca-Dipani The Manual of the Four Noble Truths By Mahathera Ledi Sayadaw, Aggamahapandita, D.Litt. Translated into English by Sayadaw U Nyana, Patamagyaw of Masoeyein Monastery Mandalay Edited by The English Editorial Board Note to the electronic version: This electronic version is reproduced directly from the printed version the te...

The Interpretation Of Magga-sacci

Noble Truth Of The Path Leading To The Cessation Of Suffering

The four inherent characteristics of magga-sacca are:

  1. Niyyanattho -- having the characteristic of leading to release or deliverance
  2. Hetuttho -- having the characteristic of being a cause for the attainment of arahatship.
  3. Dassanattho -- having the characteristic of realization of the Four Noble Truths, which is not even dreamt of in the rounds of samsara
  4. Adhipateyyattho -- having the characteristic of overcoming three kinds of craving and attaining mastery over oneself.

Thus any dhamma that has the above four characteristics is called magga-sacca. Only the Eightfold Noble Path has the above four characteristics. So it is magga-sacca.

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