The Bhikkhus Rules

A Guide for Laypeople

by Bhikkhu Ariyesako | 1998 | 50,970 words

The Theravadin Buddhist Monk's Rules compiled and explained by: Bhikkhu Ariyesako Discipline is for the sake of restraint, restraint for the sake of freedom from remorse, freedom from remorse for the sake of joy, joy for the sake of rapture, rapture for the sake of tranquillity, tranquillity for the sake of pleasure, pleasure for the sake of conce...

Publisher Information

Source: Transcribed from a file provided by the author, c/o Sanghaloka Forest Hermitage, PO Box 152, Kallista, Victoria 3791, Australia. Minor revisions were made in accordance with the ATI style sheet. Pali diacritics are represented using the Velthuis convention.

Copyright c 1998 Sanghaloka Forest Hermitage

Access to Insight edition c 1999

For free distribution only. You may print copies of this work for your personal use. You may re format and redistribute this work for use on computers and computer networks, provided that you charge no fees for its distribution or use. Otherwise, all rights reserved. Please contact Sanghaloka Forest Hermitage for permission to reprint for free distribution.

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