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Bhikkhus And Wealth

There are many other important rules covering how bhikkhus deal with wealth and money.{GL_NOTE::} (It is also the tenth of the Ten Precepts for a novice (saama.nera) or dasasiila mata nun [see End Note 4].) These came to be set down because donations coming from a lay devotees faith in Dhamma might, on mis occasion, lead to the corrupting of the bhikkhu life. Although these rules might seem relatively straightforward, there are various interpretations and ways of actual practice. And the practice often does not coincide with the theory. Yet it certainly remains a very important aspect of Vinaya, guarding against forgetfulness of the real way to happiness:

"Bhikkhus, in abandoning the use of money, make real their abandonment of worldly pursuits and show others by example that the struggle for wealth is not the true way to find happiness."

(BMC p.215)

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