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A Guide for Laypeople


AB = Ajahn Brahmavamsos Notes
BA = Banner of the Arahants
BBC = Burmese Buddhist Culture
BMC = The Buddhist Monastic Code, Volume I
EN = End Notes
EV = The Entrance to the Vinaya, (Vinayamukha) in 3 vols
HS = The Heritage of the Sangha
Nv = Navakovaada: Instructions for newly ordained Bhikkhus and Saamaneras
Nis. Paac. = nisaggiya paacittiya offence
OP = Ordination Procedure
Paac. = paacittiya offence
Paar. = paaraajika offence
Paat. = Paa.timokkha text and English translation (1966 or 1969 edition)
Sa"ngh. = sa"nghaadisesa offence

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