The Tattvasangraha [with commentary]

by Ganganatha Jha | 1937 | 699,812 words | ISBN-10: 8120800583 | ISBN-13: 9788120800588

This page contains verse 1806 of the 8th-century Tattvasangraha (English translation) by Shantarakshita, including the commentary (Panjika) by Kamalashila: dealing with Indian philosophy from a Buddhist and non-Buddhist perspective. The Tattvasangraha (Tattvasamgraha) consists of 3646 Sanskrit verses; this is verse 1806.

Sanskrit text, Unicode transliteration and English translation by Ganganath Jha:

अनाक्षिप्तान्यभेदेन भाव एव तथोच्यते ।
तद्रूपस्येति शब्देन चेतसो वासनापि च ॥ १८०६ ॥

anākṣiptānyabhedena bhāva eva tathocyate |
tadrūpasyeti śabdena cetaso vāsanāpi ca || 1806 ||

It is the entity itself, when it does not indicate ‘difference from other things’, that is spoken of by the words ‘it is of the form’; just as ‘disposition’ is spoken of as ‘of the mind’.—(1806)


Kamalaśīla’s commentary (tattvasaṃgrahapañjikā):

When it does not, etc. etc.’;—that is, when it ignores the difference from, other things.

Spoken of as, etc.’—i.e. as if it were something different.

It is of the form, etc.’—‘It’ stands for ‘Resistance’.

By the words’,—i.e. by the expression ‘Resistance of the Form’.

An example is cited—‘As Disposition, etc. etc.’.

The term ‘api ca’ should be understood in the cumulative sense.—(1806)

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