The Tattvasangraha [with commentary]

by Ganganatha Jha | 1937 | 699,812 words | ISBN-10: 8120800583 | ISBN-13: 9788120800588

This page contains verse 145-146 of the 8th-century Tattvasangraha (English translation) by Shantarakshita, including the commentary (Panjika) by Kamalashila: dealing with Indian philosophy from a Buddhist and non-Buddhist perspective. The Tattvasangraha (Tattvasamgraha) consists of 3646 Sanskrit verses; this is verse 145-146.

Sanskrit text, Unicode transliteration and English translation by Ganganath Jha:

तत्रापि वेद्यते रूपमविद्योपप्लुतैर्जनैः ।
यन्नीलादिप्रकारेण त्यागादाने निबन्धनम् ॥ १४५ ॥
तद्रूपव्यतिरेकेण ब्रह्मरूपमलक्षितम् ।
कथं व्युत्थितचेतोभिरस्तित्वेन प्रतीयते ॥ १४६ ॥

tatrāpi vedyate rūpamavidyopaplutairjanaiḥ |
yannīlādiprakāreṇa tyāgādāne nibandhanam || 145 ||
tadrūpavyatirekeṇa brahmarūpamalakṣitam |
kathaṃ vyutthitacetobhirastitvena pratīyate || 146 ||

Even so, what is actually perceived in the form of blue and the; rest by persons tramelled by nescience which form serves as the basis of rejecting and acquiring certain things,—apart from that form, what is there in the form of ‘Brahman’, unperceived, which could be cognised as ‘existing by persons whose mind has risen above (the shackles of nescience)?—(145-146)


Kamalaśīla’s commentary (tattvasaṃgrahapañjikā):

The existence of the cognisable thing can be established only by means of Proofs (Means of Cognition); there is however no proof for (means of cognising) the existence of Brahman as postulated. For instance, It cannot be proved by Perception, as Brahman does not appear in any form other than the Blue and the rest as the basis of such activity as rejecting and acquiring;—and when It does not appear at all (in any pure form of Its own), how could It be cognised as existing, by persons whose minds have risen (above the shackles of Nescience) and are centred on the path of Reason?—(145-146)

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