Patthana Dhamma

by Htoo Naing | 2005 | 57,704 words

This ebook is about Patthana Dhamma, the 7th text of abhidhamma pitaka or tipitaka, reffering to the teachings of The Buddha, also known as: the Exalted One, Fully Enlightened One, Tathagata, Well Gone One; 623 BC. The materials are from a small booklet of Chatthasangayanamula Patthana Pali and Abhidhammatthasangaha text written by Venerable Anur...


References Used:

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  2. Abhidhammatthasangaha text by Venerable Anuruddha
  3. Pali English Dictionary online
  4. Cambridge Dictionary on line
  5. Patthāna Dhamma by Venerable Janakābhivamsa in Myanmar script
  6. Abhidhamnma by Professor Mehn Tin Mon in Myanmar script

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