Mahavastu [sanskrit verses and english]

by Émile Senart | 1882 | 56,574 words

This is the Sanskrit Mahavastu: a lengthy work on Buddhist teachings and narratives belonging to the school of early Buddhism (Mahasanghika). This edition only includes those metrical verses occuring in the various stories and Jatakas, as well as the corresponding English translation by J. J. Jones.

eṣo te takṣaśilāyāṃ sthito pādaphalakhaṇḍaṇo |
yadi si na maritukāmo osakka mama rājyato || 1 ||
[Analyze grammar]

Other print editions:

Also see the following print editions of the Sanskrit text or (alternative) English translations of the Mahavastu Chapter 43

Cover of edition (1949)

The Mahavastu
by J. J. Jones (1949)

Translated from the Buddhist Sanskrit

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