Maha Prajnaparamita Sastra

by Gelongma Karma Migme Chödrön | 2001 | 941,039 words

This page describes “recollection of abandonment (tyaganusmriti)” as written by Nagarjuna in his Maha-prajnaparamita-sastra (lit. “the treatise on the great virtue of wisdom”) in the 2nd century. This book, written in five volumes, represents an encyclopedia on Buddhism as well as a commentary on the Pancavimsatisahasrika Prajnaparamita.

V. Recollection of abandonment (tyāgānusmṛti)

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In regard to the recollection of abandonment (tyāgānusmṛti), there are two kinds of abandonment (tyāga): i) abandonment consisting of generosity (dānatyāga); ii) abandonment of all the disturbing emotions (sarvakleśatyāga). [226c] Abandonment consisting of generosity is of two kinds: i) material gifts (āmiṣadāna); ii) gift of the Dharma (dharmadāna) or preaching. Altogether these three kinds of abandonment (trividhatyāgasāmagrī) make up abandonment (tyāga).[1]

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These kinds of generosity have been mentioned above, p. 700F.

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