Introduction to Dhammasangani

by U Ko Lay | 1993 | 7,776 words

By The Editorial Committee - Translation Section Department for the Promotion and Propagation of the Sasana Ministry of Religious Affairs, Yangoon, Myanmar, 1995 supplied by This introduction in a way may be regarded as a brief introduction to the Abhidhamma Pitaka as a whole. It is in two parts. The first part is about Abhi...

Note (1): We have followed the Myanmar version in the arrangement and titling of chapter and section headings. In this we have benefited from the diagrammatic tables in the Introduction to the Myanmar version and from the elucidation of the diagrammatic tables by Sayagyi U Kyaw Htut, our Doctrinal Adviser.

Note (2): In the Attakatha Division the number of dhamma factors, enumerated according to contextual relevance, in each of the categories of the meritorious dhamma, the demeritorious dhamma, the Vipaka dhamma and the Kiriya dhamma, based on the Abhidhammattha Sangaha in each case is shown in brackets.

Note (3): The whole of Dhammasangani, consisting of 4 Divisions or Books, was translated by the late U Kyaw Khine, J.C.S. (Retired). The Cittuppada Kanda was translated by U Kyaw Khine with the assistance of U Shwe Mra, I.C.S. (Retired.), before the latter became the Chairman of the Editorial Committee, and of U Aung Thein Nyunt, B.A., Pathamagyaw Dhammacariya, and with the participation of Sayadaw The Venerable U Nyanika of Myaungmya (now an Aggamahlpaudita), in an advisory capacity. It was revised and edited by the Editorial Committee. The other Books or Divisions of Dhammasangani were translated by U Kyaw Khine with the assistance of Sayagyi Dhammacariya U Kyaw Htut, Doctrinal Adviser and U Hla Maung, Editor. Later, Sayagyi U Bo Maung, Dhammacariya, took the place of Sayagyi U Kyaw Htut.

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