Introducing Buddhist Abhidhamma

Meditation and Concentration

by Kyaw Min, U | 1899 | 43,258 words

Abhidhamma is the 3rd and last part of the Buddhist Pāli Canon. This book is meant as an introduction to the various concepts presented in the seven books of the Abhidhamma....

Chapter 19 - Auto-suggestion

It is the Subconscious Mind, that sustains and builds and repairs and heals the human body. You can aid and influence the activities by making suggestions to your Subconscious Mind.

Your energy, your drive, your ambitions, are all based on your Subconscious. You can ginger up your Subconscious by suitable suggestions.

Keep out your Willpower when making suggestions to your Subconscious. Do not make any assertions, especially an assertion of something which is not true, for your Subconscious Mind will reject an untrue suggestion. Make suggestions only, suggestions for the future.

Your suggestions are to be based on deep concentration. It is better for your suggestion to have a rhythm or lilt, so that your words do not interfere with your concentration.

The best time is when you are about to sleep. Make only one kind of suggestion on any one occasion. When you wake up during the course of the night, you can make a suggestion different to the one you made earlier in the night. Of course, you can also make a suggestion at any time of the day when your mind is at repose.


Keep repeating this suggestion with a concentrated mind:

"Hour by hour and day by day,
I am getting well in every way

For older people who want to feel younger:

"Hour by hour and day by day,
I am getting younger in every way".

If you want to feel younger and make the above suggestion, you should in your every day activities act younger and think younger. Throw away your old fashioned way of thinking and acting.

About your work

You may be getting stale in your work. You may think that you do not like your work, or do not like it any more. However, think to yourself how by your work you are giving help to others, how others are dependent on you and your work, how they look up to you for help, the service you are rendering to others, etc.

Suggest to yourself;

"Hour by hour and day by day,
I love my work better in every way"

Success in work

If you want success, or more success, in your work, do the requisite suggestion. Not only will there be direct result but there will also be a reflex reaction for you to be more keen on your work and to work harder.

"Hour by hour and day by day,
I am more and more successful in every way"

Relation with your Spouse

You may have some difficulty with your spouse. You may think that you do not love him (her) any more, or that you love him (her) less than formerly.

The best cure is to talk it over openly about each other’s alleged faults. If after you have talked it over with your spouse and he (she) will also make the following suggestion, the trouble will soon be over. In any cases if you do not talk it over with your spouse, at least on your part make the suggestion:

"Hour by hour and day by day,
I love my husband (wife) better in every way".

You may make suitable variations in the wording to meet your case.

When Doing Breathing Exercises

When doing breathing exercises, you may be doing some concentration exercise at the same time. Otherwise, you can make the following suggestion:

"I am breathing in health".

Overcoming Difficulties

You may have difficulties for which the suggestions mentioned above are not suitable. Then make the following suggestion:

"Hour by hour and day by day,
My difficulties are being overcome in every way".


It has been proved that pain can be made to subside and disappear by concentrated suggestion to your subconscious. The suggestion may have to be somewhat sustained and prolonged. It can be performed at any time when necessary. Concentrate on the spot where the pain is, and make a suggestion that the pain is disappearing.

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