Guhyagarbha Tantra (with Commentary)

by Gyurme Dorje | 1987 | 304,894 words

The English translation of the Guhyagarbha Tantra, including Longchenpa's commentary from the 14th century. The whole work is presented as a critical investigation into the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism, of which the Guhyagarbhatantra is it's principle text. It contains twenty-two chapters teaching the essence and practice of Mahayoga, which s...

Text 5.7 (Commentary)

[Guhyagarbha-Tantra, Text section 5.7]

This pristine cognition will turn at will
Into the forms of its names, words and so forth,
Like the light which emerges in darkness,
Like alchemical transmutation Into gold.
And like an efficacious medication. [7] ...


de-nyid ye-shes rang-snang-ba'i /
ming-tshig gzugs-sogs yid-bzhin-gyis /
mun-la snang-byung ji-bzhin-du /
'gyur-bas gser-'gyur sman-gyi tshul / [7]


As for the similes illustrative of these accomplishments: There are outwardly visible miraculous images of this (de-nyid) accomplishment attained in contemplation, which arise as originally pure self-manifesting pristine cognition (ye-shes rang-snang-ba'i). One who follows the ritual experiences the different forms of its (gzugs) respective garlands of syllables, i.e. the vowels and consonants represented in names and words (ming-tshig). and their colours, light-rays, and so forth (sogs). Consequently, the result of this contemplation is accomplished at will (yid-bzhin-gyis), and this wheel of syllables is seen as desired, like (ji-bzhin-du), for example, the light which emerges in darkness (mun-la snang-byung). It will turn ('gyur-ba) into nectar the outer and inner poisons, without renouncing them, and is thus known to be like alchemical transmutation into gold (gser-'gyur), and like an efficacious medication (sman-gyi tshul) which pacifies and alleviates distempers, right where they are.

[ii. The Nature of the Cloud-Mass of Syllables through which these Accomplishments are Attained (213.2-215-6):]

The second (see p. 603) concerns the nature of the cloud-mass of syllables through which these (accomplishments) are attained. It comprises both the Individuals who attain them and the essence which is attained.

[The former (comments on Ch. 5.8):]

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