Guhyagarbha Tantra (with Commentary)

by Gyurme Dorje | 1987 | 6,373 words

The English translation of the Guhyagarbha Tantra, including Longchenpa's commentary from the 14th century. The whole work is presented as a critical investigation into the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism, of which the Guhyagarbhatantra is it's principle text. It contains twenty-two chapters teaching the essence and practice of Mahayoga, which s...

Text 5.6 (Commentary)

[Guhyagarbha-Tantra, Text section 5.6]

Summons, expulsion, bondage, liberation.
Alleviation, killing, vanquishing, and victory
Will be accomplished by this contemplation. [6] ...


dgug-dang btang-dang bcing-dang grol /
gso-dang bsad-dang 'pham-dang rgyal /
ting-'dzin 'di-yis byed-par 'gyur / [6]


This concerns the attainment of the eight minor types of ritual which is a sign that the eight aggregates of consciousness are pure: When the eight aggregates including the consciousness of the ground-of-all have been purified and power has been obtained over awareness or pristine cognition, there will be a summons (dgug-dang) (which draws) into one's presence the object of one's attainment: there will be an expulsion (btang-dang) or exorcism (of negative forces) to another sphere; there will be bondage (bcing-dang) of enemies, thieves and so forth; there will be liberation (dgrol) from all imprecations and harmful forces; there will be alleviation (gso-dang) of plague, poison and so forth; there will be killing (bsad-dang) of hostile enemies and obstructors; there will be vanquishing ('pham-dang) of one's enemies' faction; and there will be victory (rgyal) of one's own faction. All these rituals will be accomplished by this contemplation (ting-'dzin 'di-yis byed-par 'gyur) of the cloudmass of syllables.

[The fourth subdivision (comments on Ch. 5.7):]

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