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Enumeration of Phenomena

Chapter XI - The Category Of Form Under An Elevenfold Aspect

[978, 979] What is that form which is

(i.) the sphere of vision?
(ii.) the sphere of hearing?
(iii.) the sphere of smell?
(iv.) the sphere of taste?
(v.) the sphere of bodysensibility?
(vi.) the sphere of visible form?
(vii.) the sphere of sound?
(viii.) the sphere of odour?
(ix.) the sphere of sapids?
(x.) the sphere of the tangible?

Answers as in §§ 597, 601, 605, 609, 613, 617, 621, 625, 629, 649 respectively.


(xi.) What is that form which is invisible, nonimpingeing, and included in the sphere of [mental] states?[1]

Sex . . . and bodily nutriment.

Such is the Category of Form under an Elevenfold Aspect.

[End of] the Group of Eleven.

[End of] THE Divisions of Form.

[End of] the Eighth Portion for Eecitation.

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Footnotes and references:


Dhammayatana-pariyapannam. For the full content of the answer, see, as before, the last fourteen items in § 596.

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