Enumeration of Phenomena

400 B.C. | 124,932 words

*english translation* The first book of the Abhidhamma (Part 3 of the Tipitaka). The Dhammasangani enumerates all the paramattha dhamma (ultimate realities) to be found in the world. According to one such enumeration these amount to: * 52 cetasikas (mental factors), which, arising together in various combination, give rise to any one of... * ......

Frontpage 5

'Yani kinci dhammam abhijanna
ajjhattam athavapi bahiddha.'


'Api khvaham avuso imasmim yeva vyamamatte kalevare sannimhi samanake lokam pannapemi . . .'

Samyutta Nikaya, i. 62; = A., ii. 48.

'Kullupamam vo bhikkhave ajanantehi dhamma pi vo pahatabha, pag-eva adhamrua.'

Majjhima Nikhaya, i. 135.

'Der Buddhismus ist die eiiizige, eigentlich positivistische Religion die ims die Geschichte zeigt.'


'We shall find that every important philosophical reformation, after a time of too highly strained metaphysical dogmatism or unsatisfying scepticism, has been begun by some man who saw the necessity of looking deeper into the mental constitution.'

G. Croom Robertson.

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