Buddhist Monastic Discipline

by Jotiya Dhirasekera | 1964 | 113,985 words

A study of Buddhist monastic code: its origin and development in relation to the Sutta and Vinaya Pitakas. The Vinaya forms a part of a Buddhist disciple’s training method, particularly within Theravada Buddhism. This English thesis was completed by Jotiya Dhirasekera (Now Bhikkhu Dhammavihari)...

Preface to the Second Edition

I now write this preface to the second edition of my  BUDDHIST  MONASTIC DISCIPLINE  as a Buddhist monk of six years' standing, having renounced the life in the household on retirement at the age of sixty-seven. More than thirty-two years have passed since  the production of  this  thesis and I still continue  pursuing my  studies on  the Vinaya. I have seen and read several subsequent publications on the subject. This is neither the time nor the place to make any observations on them.

I wish to place my own findings and my observations on the subject before students of  Buddhist monastic life in particular, and students of  Buddhism in general, specially those who have missed seeing my work in the earlier edition and those who I believe are not  adequately  familiar  with  the original Vinaya texts in their Pali version.

I owe a special word of thanks to Bhikkhu Tiradhammo who in an early review of my work had kindly drawn attention  two  'minor errors'  of  oversight. They now stand corrected on pp. 59 and 95.

Mention must also be made of Bhikkhu Pamburana Sanghasobhana who assisted me in the production of the manuscript for the printer. Finally my thanks go to Messrs. P.W. Dayananda and B.D.Jayasena who did the typing of the text.

I wish to express my deep gratitude and appreciation to Messrs. Motilal Banarsi Das  & Co. for  kindly  agreeing  to bring out  this  second  edition of  BUDDHIST  MONASTIC  DISCIPLINE.

Bhikkhu Dhammavihari

Buddhist Society of Victoria Inc.
71-73 Darling Road
East Malvern, Victoria 3145
5  November  1996

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