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And Essential Principles of Enlightenment

Chapter 4 - The Fundamentals Of The Buddha-dhamma

Some of the Buddhist doctrines have been taught by direct method (nitattha) whereas others by indirect method (neyyatta). Unless these two ways are properly understood, the content or the meaning of the doctrine is liable to be construed contrariwise.

For instance, not easy to understand indeed is the true significance of the supreme knowledge or wisdom (omniscience) of the Buddha, in like manner, it is most difficult to know the actual meaning of Nibbana and experience the blissful happiness of Nibbanic Peace (santi sukha) "Nibbanam paramam sukham.

Buddhism is therefore distinguished from all other religions and philosophies for its unique character. In particular, the technique of deliverance which is distinguished characteristics of Buddhism is quite different from that of all other religions.

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