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Entering the Conduct of the Bodhisattvas

Text Section 37

This word-by-word commentary [tshig ’grel] on the Bodhisattva-caryāvatāra was written by Khenpo Kunzang Palden, also known as Khenpo Kunpal, according to the teachings he received over a six-month period from his root guru, Dza Paltrül Rinpoche, who is here refered to as the Mañjughoṣa-like teacher [’jam dbyangs bla ma]. These precious teachings are titled Drops of Nectar [bdud rtsi’i thig pa]. The phrase personal statement [zhal lung] connotes that Khenpo Kunpal received in person the oral instructions, which are themselves definitive statements, directly from Paltrül Rinpoche.

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