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Entering the Conduct of the Bodhisattvas

Copyright And Fair Usage Notice

Copyright © Andreas Kretschmar 2003. All rights reserved.

The translations and commentaries of the Bodhisattva-caryāvatāra are made available online as a gift of dharma. They are being offered with the intent that anyone may download them, print them out, read and study them, share them with friends, and even copy and redistribute the files privately. Still, the following must be observed:

  • The files may be copied and given to others privately provided that no fee is charged for them.
  • Other web-sites are encouraged to link to this page. However, the files may only be put up for distribution on other sites with the personal permission of Andreas Kretschmar.
  • Neither the files nor their content are in the public domain; the copyright for both remains with the translator, Andreas Kretschmar.
  • In accord with standard copyright law, you may use reasonable portions of these files for your own work, publication or translations. If you do use them in that way, please cite these files as if they were printed books! Please make it clear in your work which portions of your text come from our translation and which portions are based on other sources.

The translator is happy to receive corrections and revisions from other translators, editors and readers. Up-to-date editions of these texts will be placed every six months or so at:



Please send corrections and suggestions to Andreas Kretschmar:


Printed in the Palatino typeface with diacritics by Tony Duff, Tibetan Computer Company.

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