Blue Annals (deb-ther sngon-po)

by George N. Roerich | 1949 | 382,646 words | ISBN-10: 8120804716 | ISBN-13: 9788120804715

This page relates ‘Later Lineages (viii): The dri med phra tig’ of the Blue Annals (deb-ther sngon-po)—An important historical book from the 15th century dealing with Tibetan Buddhism and details the spiritual doctrine and lineages of religious teachers in Tibet. This chapter belongs to Book 12 (Peace-Making Lineages).

Chapter 8 - Later Lineages (viii): The dri med phra tig

The dri med contains Six Cycles which include the "Root on which the Doctrine is established" (chos zug pa rtsa ba). The phra tig represents replies by kun dga’ in answer to pa tshab’s question about malevolent hindrances (ma bde ba'i gegs). The dar tshags bshad 'bum consists of 18 Cycles of dar tshags zhal gdams bdud rtsi and others. It represents occasional talks ('phral gram) by pa tshab, committed to writing by te ne (rgyal ba te ne). The bshad 'bum contains the exposition written down by te ne, zhig po, snye mdo ba, and others.

Among the class of "extraordinary"doctrines (thun mong ma yin pa'i chos sde) one finds the Tantra and its compendium, the dbang lam ("Initiation and Path") and its exposition, the "Three Treasures of the Hidden" (gsang mdzod gsum), and the Eight be'u bum (Booklet).

Among the "Three Hidden Treasures":

  1. the "Hidden Treasure of the Teacher" (bla ma gsang mdzod),
  2. the "Hidden Treasure of the Tutelary deity" (yi dam gsang mdzod),
  3. the "Hidden treasure of the Ḍākinīs" (mkha 'gro gsang mdzod).

The Five Cycles of the Path (lam skor Inga) (contain):

  1. The Cycle of the Path of the Four Gates of the Upāya-mārga of bi ru pa (bi ru pa'i thabs lam sgo bzhi'i lam skor),
  2. The Cycle of the Path of the Four spheres of the Upāya-mārga of Saraha (sa ra ha'i thabs lam yul bzhi'i lam skor),
  3. The Cycle of the Eightfold Path of Gser gling pa (gser gling pa'i lam skor brgyad pa),
  4. The Cycle of the Eightfold Path of Āryadeva (A rya de ba'i lam skor brgyad pa),
  5. The Cycle of the Path of the four yoga-arūḍhas of Nā-ro-pa (%) (nA ro pa'i zung 'jug bzhi'i lam skor).
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