Blue Annals (deb-ther sngon-po)

by George N. Roerich | 1949 | 382,646 words | ISBN-10: 8120804716 | ISBN-13: 9788120804715

This page relates ‘fourth Kalacakra lineage’ of the Blue Annals (deb-ther sngon-po)—An important historical book from the 15th century dealing with Tibetan Buddhism and details the spiritual doctrine and lineages of religious teachers in Tibet. This chapter belongs to Book 10 (The Kalacakra).

Chapter 10 - The fourth Kālacakra lineage

Again, according to the fourth Lineage: Abhaya and his brother taught it to the paṇḍita Samantaśrī, the lo tsā ba and paṇḍita. The latter to klubs. Further, Anupamarakṣita, Sādhuputra, Dharmākaraśānti, and Vikśāntadeva. The latter to the great Kāśmīrī paṇḍita Śākyaśrībhadra, matchless on the surface of the Earth. He to glan, 'father' and 'son'—so it is said.

According to the dus kyi 'khor lo'i bsdus don, composed by the bla ma bsod nams od zer ba:

Thus in the Realm of Śambhala exists the Kālacakra-Tantra together with its commentary and precepts, but in the Āryadeśa of India, (the Kālacakra) was first obtained in Śambhala from a manifestation of a Bodhisattva by an Indian named the monk bsod snyoms pa, the Great (Piṇḍo-pa). It is not known what Bodhisattva manifested himself in him. The latter (taught it) to the Southern brāhmaṇa Dārikapā(da). The latter to tsi lu pa. [1] The latter to Kālacakrapāda. The latter to dus 'khor ba, the Great. The latter to two of his disciples Bodhibhadra and Sādhuputra. Bodhibhadra had three disciples: the guru  Abhaya, tsa mi ba, the Great (tsa mi sangs rgyas grags pa), and Abhiyukta.[2]

Sādhuputra had two disciples: Dharmākara and Bhāskara. The ācārya se lo tsā ba said that he had listened (to the exposition of the Kālacakra) once by the guru Abhaya, twice by tsa mi, then (to the exposition of) the first part (of the text) by Abhiyukta, and once by Bhāskara. From him gnyos 'od ma obtained it, who said that he had studied it for three years. Then the teacher se lo tsā ba proceeded to dbus. In his absence he (gnyos 'od ma) marked with white the passages in the text that were not understood by him. On his (se lo’s) way from dbus to India, gnyos 'od ma asked about these passages, and when se lo was coming to India all his doubts were removed. He then obtained the exposition of all the texts, together with their initiation rites and precepts, and all his doubts were removed.

Bkra shis rin chen and gnyos sgom obtained it from 'od ma. The latter meditated on the precepts and obtained the signs of spiritual realization. He also obtained the permission (lung) to preach the text, but  he did not know it well. Bkra shis rin chen listened to it for 12 years, and knew it, as well as 'od ma himself, and thus became like a well-filled vase. He also. Obtained the teachings of rwa, ‘bro, gyi jo, and others, and used to say that 'there was no one better than himself'. The ācārya dus 'khor ba obtained it from him on thirty-two occasions, and mastered it in the manner of a vase filled to the brim. The scholar (mkhas grub) famous by the name of Bhikṣu Ratnaśrī and u rgyan pa obtained it from him. I obtained the system from the latter.

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