Blue Annals (deb-ther sngon-po)

by George N. Roerich | 1949 | 382,646 words | ISBN-10: 8120804716 | ISBN-13: 9788120804715

This page relates ‘Tranmission in Tibet’ of the Blue Annals (deb-ther sngon-po)—An important historical book from the 15th century dealing with Tibetan Buddhism and details the spiritual doctrine and lineages of religious teachers in Tibet. This chapter belongs to Book 10 (The Kalacakra).

Chapter 3 - Tranmission in Tibet

[Full title: Tranmission in Tibet: rwa lo and ‘bro’s transmissions]

Bu (ston) and dol (pa pa) were the two great expounders of the Kālacakra in the Land of Snows. [1] These two first obtained it from the spiritual descendants of rwa lo (tsā ba), but later they studied it according to the tradition of 'bro lo tsā ba. Thus rwa and 'bro have been the chief (expounders of the Kālacakra in Tibet).

In connection with this, the followers of the tradition of 'bro used to say that: Kālacakrapāda, the Eldest (dus zhabs chen po) obtained it from Kulika (rigs Idan). Then Kālacakrapāda, the Junior (dus zhabs pa chung ngu), Somanātha (zla ba mgon po), sgom pa dkon mchog bsrungs,[2] sgro ston gnam la brtsegs, yu mo, his son Dharmeśvara, the scholar nam mkha' 'od, se chen nam mkha' rgyal mtshan, the Dharmasvāmin 'jam dbyangs gsar ma, kun mkhyen chos sku 'od zer, kun spangs thugs rje brtson 'grus, byang sems rgyal ba ye shes, kun mkhyen yon tan rgya mtsho, and the Dharmasvāmin kun mkhyen chen po.

The followers of the rwa lo tradition state as follows: Kulika (rigs Idan), tsi lu pa (Celuka), Piṇḍopa, Kālacakrapāda, the Eldest (dus zhabs che ba), Kālacakrapāda, the Junior (chung ba), Mañjukīrti, the Nepālese Samantaśrī, rwa chos rab, rwa ye shes seng ge, rwa 'bum seng, the Venerable rje btsun rgwa lo, rong pa shes rab seng ge, and the bla ma rdo rje rgyal mtshan. The latter taught (the system) to bu ston rin po che.

Further, skyi ston 'jam dbyangs obtained it from rong pa shes rab seng ge, kun mkhyen chen po obtained it from him. Bu (ston) and dol pa pa, the two, obtained the system according to the tradition of rwa lo tsā ba. Later they, obtained many precepts according to the tradition of 'bro lo tsā ba and others.

The accounts about the teacher in whose time the Kālacakra had been obtained from Kulika (rigs ldan) in Āryadeśa, and the (first) disciples on whom it was bestowed, are at variance. According to the rgyud la 'jug pa'i man ngag rin po che za ma tog kha 'byed pa[3] by glan bang so ba chos kyi dbang phyug, a disciple of tre po mgon po: By the words handed down from the siddha and his followers it is meant that it had continued in a regular succession.

Footnotes and references:


gangs can gyi khrod, i.e. Tibet 1233 The ascetic Ratnagupta.


The Opening of the Casket Containing the Precious Precepts to Serve as an Introduction to the Tantra.

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